Recovery Run With the Son

I’ve been itching to run again. The soreness was nearly gone last night when I went to bed and I told my husband, “Tomorrow I’m going to hit the road and see how everything feels.” When I came downstairs in my running clothes, Wayne Jr gave me that sappy -eyed puppy dog look he has and started begging to come along.  I said “Yes. But you have to try and keep my pace. No running ahead, burning yourself out, then having to walk the entire last mile.”  He promised to keep it under control.

It’s pretty hot today! It’s already 81 degrees under a bright and sunny sky. No breeze. He was melting before we’d even left the driveway.  Luckily for him, though, my “pace” today was around a 14 min/mile.  I laughed when I realized that, though I was feeling pretty good again – no real pain or soreness — my muscles are obviously still recovering from the enormous beating I gave them on Saturday.  It felt good to be moving again, even at a slow pace.  Jr did a great job staying with me for the first mile, though he was begging to know when we’d take a water break for the last several minutes.

We took a walk/water break at mile 1. After he was refreshed, we gently started jogging again. He was trying his darndest to find shade trees to hover under until I’d catch up, then he’d dart to the next one, declaring to each new spot of shade, “I love you so much!”  Slowly, but surely we made our way back home.  Jr’s used the rest of the water to pour over his head and back. He was so hot! I promised him that if he kept coming with me on my shorter runs and playing baseball in the heat, that in a couple of weeks the heat wouldn’t bother him so much. I don’t think he believes me.  😉

Stats: 2.37 miles. Pace: 14:18. Time: 33:50.  Average Heart rate: 92.  Felt: Slow, but pretty darn good considering!

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