Just a Little Grocery Trip

We needed some groceries. The Suburban is in the midst of having the power steering pump replaced in the driveway by the husbter, so I did what any Coke-loving woman would do and decided to walk.  It was a perfect opportunity to stretch out the sore legs after Saturday’s 50 miler.  Hey, did I mention I ran 50 miles, yet? Oh, I did. Good. Just checking. 😉

I wore my flip-flops and enjoyed the warm summer day (it’s supposed to hit 91 later on!) It’s about a mile and a half to the store, and I’d say I walked about a quarter of a mile inside getting the items I needed (including a 20 0z Cherry Coke and a foot long BLT from Subway that I knew would make a really fun lunch with the five kids when I got back home.)  I ended up with two bags of groceries and they were a bit heavier than I’d expected. I’d guess between the two bags, they weighed 10 lbs or so.  It got me to thinking about Saturday’s run and my heavy Nathan pack. I wonder how much that thing weighs when I have the 2 liters of water in the back, extra clothing and my snacks? I am guessing around 10 lbs. It sure was a treat to hand that off to Wayne after about 35 miles in the mountains!

Anyways…. as I was walking towards home, suddenly a silver minivan pulled up right next to me and this darling little silver haired granny said, “Oh, honey! I saw you walking with all those groceries. Can I please give you a ride?”  I told her, “Thank you so much, but I just ran 50 miles on Saturday and this is my chance to stretch out my tired legs, but I really appreciate the offer.” She clasped her heart when I said “50 miles” and said, “Dear, me, honey! That’s amazing.  Well, have a good day, then, dear.”   I couldn’t stop smiling after that.  What a sweet woman! 🙂

The kids and I just polished off that tasty foot-long BLT from Subway and the Cherry Coke. We now have sweet purple grapes, a package of scones, margarine, french bread, a loaf of sandwich bread, two boxes of cereal, tortillas, shredded cheese, English muffins and a new pair of sunglasses for Wayne Jr since his last pair broke when he caught a ball with his face in the game on Wednesday.  Don’t worry, though. No Jr’s were hurt in the incident – just the shades.

Stats: 3.25 miles. 1 hour 10 min. Felt: Sore but happy

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