Jogging With Jr

I was hungry for a few miles today and when Jr saw me coming downstairs in my running gear, he begged to come along, too.  I had planned to do 7 or 8 miles, but decided to alter my plans so he could join me.  I told him we’d do about 4 and include “the hill” near our home since he really enjoys the sensation of running down the other side once we’ve worked our way up to the top.  He was so jazzed, I think he was dressed and ready to head out in five minutes flat!

It’s pretty hot today. About 80 degrees and very sunny. The poor kid. He was wilting and sweating in the first half a mile. I brought plenty of water, though and let him drink as much as he wanted and pour it over his head a few times to cool down.  It was very slow-going. Bless his heart, I think the combination of heat and a Mama who was hoping to get in some steady miles was just more than he could bear today.  I let him set the pace, which meant a lot of walking and stopping to look at things, pick up a loose golf ball, and stare at what he called a “swamp.”  I enjoyed our time together, but let him know that next time I’d probably just let him join me for 1 or 2 miles until he was more accustomed to the heat and distance.   I’m really, really glad he loves to run.

One of the cutest things he said today was, “Mom, I’m going to run 100 miles one day.” I said, “You are, huh? That’s awesome!” He said, “I really liked Emily’s belt buckle (which she’d worn to her daughter’s birthday party last night) and I’d like to have one, too, someday.” I grinned and told him, “Buddy, it’s a worthy goal and I think you can do it. It takes a lot of work, but I think you can do achieve anything you set your mind to.”

As we were getting closer to our neighborhood again, we spotted three boys with bikes ahead of us.  One was pushing his bike, one was riding slow and one was in the front looking eager to go faster.  Jr said, “Mama, wouldn’t it be fun to pass those bikers?” Ahhhh….. the competitor in him comes out! I said, “Sure, buddy! But, don’t sprint.  You don’t want to pass them and them immediately have to walk.  That’s not as cool as sneaking up slowly from behind and them passing them and staying ahead.  Let’s do it sneaky so they won’t even see us coming.” And we, did.. little by little we inched up on them nice and steady and then wished them a “Good morning” as we passed the first two.  But that third one, a boy about 10 like Jr, spotted us and stepped on it! It was hilarious! Jr and I sped up too, but he was pretty fast.  I can imagine how funny it must have looked to an onlooker – some middle aged lady and her sweaty 10 year old panting kid chasing down this little biker! hahaha.  Jr quickly realized the boy was out of our league with a pair of wheels under him and he eased up to a walk, totally grinning.   “So… how did that feel?” I asked him.  “Totally AWESOME, Mom!”   “I know buddy. I know.”  🙂

Stats: 4.31 miles. 14:41 pace. 1:03 total time. 128 Ave HR (easy peasy)  Elevation Gain: 117 ft. Best pace: 6:13 (crossing traffic likely or downhill.) 80 degrees. 10 mph winds. Felt: Happy and hot – no, not THAT kind  – the sweaty, kind. haha

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