Final Group Run Before Big Horn

Today the Sole Brothers and Sisters group met up for a 10 mile run near Lake Lowell on this lovely, wide, meandering trail. It’s a wonderful spot for a group run, since the path is nice and wide which is really fun for conversations, the path is fairly flat, which also makes it a nice choice for a gentle, easier run.  There were ten of us today, which made for a really nice gang of pals to chat and get some miles done with.

I was very excited to see my friend, Emily and my husband Wayne join the group today! I think this was the longest run Emily had ever done and she did great! She was smiling and keeping a nice steady pace the entire time! Wayne seemed to warm up and even started to run ahead of some of the group in the last half, so I teased him that he was being our “showoff” of the day.  I could tell he was really proud of himself and considering he hadn’t ran more than a few miles here and there in the last year, it was really impressive and exciting to see him knock out 10 today!

There was a little mix up on the start time for Bertha, so we passed her on our way back out of the path, when she was just a couple miles in. Once, I’d reached the cars and said my farewells to the others, I headed back onto the path to find her, though and I’m so glad I did.  We got to run a couple miles together and catch up and that was so much fun! We also spotted two snakes! Bertha took a picture of me with one strung out it the sunshine at my feet before it wriggled off.  Just a half mile later, we encountered another one as it seemed to get sucked tail first back into it’s hole, it’s sassy hissing face going down last! It was cool to see!

Lake Lowell was beautiful today and I really enjoyed the gorgeous blue skies, the green fields and the lush trees all around us. It was really a fun run with a great group!

One week from today I’ll be racing at Big Horn! Serious taper time now! Likely no more running until race day. Just rest, eat, get myself into a good mental place and get ready to rock and roll my first 50 miler!

Stats: 13.25 miles (I went back and forth hanging with all the groups of my pals in their various paces and this allowed me some bonus mileage.) 13:54 overall pace (12:41 moving pace). 3:04 overall time. 2:48 moving time. Best pace: 4:30 (I had some fun sprints with Ryan, then Julie and finally Bertha — they all kicked my butt!!!) Average HR: 152. Max HR: 195. Elevation Gain: 45 ft. (Fairly flat.)

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