Easy Taper Run

Big Horn’s looming. In just 10 days, I’ll be running in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming for more than 50 miles. The race web site says that due to unusually high snowfall and a colder spring, parts of the course are impassable at the moment. They are researching alternate routes. Eeeek! Unknowns like that sort of freak out my already worried brain!

I’m in taper mode. I’m feeling itchy to run more, yet when I actually do lace up the shoes and head out, like this morning, I find that my legs are indeed still in  need of some recovery and repair.  I’ve had this fairly sore spot on my left shin the last two weeks and my right calf keeps cramping on me.  I feel a bit more like a good nap these days than a long run. That’s pretty much the way I always feel at this point in a taper — pretty certain that I’m not going to have the energy to climb the first mountain let alone the other zillion of them in the race. In the past, I always felt fine by race day – energetic and ready to do what needed to be done – yet it always messes with my mind at this stage.

I ran 4.37 miles at a 10:43 pace this morning.  Wayne Jr begged me to do just one more mile, so I did. 🙂 Poor little fella, though. He was limping right from the start. I asked him what was wrong and he said he thought he’d hurt it in baseball practice this week. So, we went slow and took walk breaks.  We found a dime (I’d found 2 of them on the first 4 miles also – so that’s 30 cents for the day) and we found four bird eggs.  2 robin ones and 2 I couldn’t identify.  One was covered in ants, so we left that behind, but we gently carried the other 3 home to show the other children. It was a nice time.

Stats: 5.35 miles.  11:32 pace. 1:01 time. Felt: A bit fatigued and sore.

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