Marci’s Birthday Trail Run

My friend Marci and I have known each other practically our entire lives. We went to grade school together and grew up in the same tiny town. I have memories of us playing at each other’s houses when we were as little as 6 and also of us walking down the graduation aisle in high school.

Marci’s birthday is today and she had just one birthday wish — to run at Wilson’s Creek with some of her friends.  I was honored and happy to be among them today. We met up with our friends Maricella and Kandance (who is also from our tiny hometown) and enjoyed a wonderful 7+ mile run through canyons, sagebrush and rugged rocks this morning. We had the pleasure of many jack rabbit sightings (and the incredible luck to actually get a few photos of a very cooperative and photogenic one!) I had gone chasing after others earlier in the run, but each time, they got away, quickly hidden in the brush before I could get my camera out. What a treat to finally prove to the kids that I really DO see jack rabbits sometimes when I run in these parts! 🙂

We girls laughed and chatted and took loads of fun photographs among the giant rocks.  It was a blast! We finished it off with a loud, off-key (but with full heart) version of Happy Birthday complete with lemon cupcakes for Marci!  It was fun! Happy Birthday, Marci!!!!!

Stats: 7.46 miles. 2:27 total time. Moving time: 1:56.  Pace: 19:44. Moving Pace: 15:36 Elevation gain: 733 ft.  Ave HR: 139

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