My Favorite Path

I’m in taper mode for Big Horn, so nothing too fast or too long on the schedule for me until the race. I tend to do my best when I have a long, restful taper.  I’m still feeling some soreness in my calves likely from all the climbing I did in the Boise foothills the past month.  I hope that means those calves are going to be healed up and even stronger by race day in two weeks!

I hit my favorite path today. I ran comfortably, enjoying the speedier feeling of the flatter surface of the local greenbelt along a canal with plenty of shade cover and ducks.  I listened to my music and relaxed, enjoying the heat and the breeze and the feel of my ponytails bouncing on my shoulders. I wore a bandana tied around my head. It made me feel tougher. I liked that feeling. 🙂

When I was done, immediately I noticed that I was even sweatier than usual and not hungry at all. I’d forgotten, in all these last few months of mountain running how road running at a faster pace works like an appetite suppressant!  That likely explains at least in part why I’m still packing around an additional 5-10lbs I’d like to drop off my body before my fall marathon. Ultra running makes me HUNGRY! haha! Not just for more scenery and longer and more death-defying terrain – but also for things like cheeseburgers, fries and Cokes.  Aw… heck. Who am I kidding? I love those things no matter what kind of running I’m doing.  Oh well. I really do think I’ll be able to drop those extra pounds once I get back to a marathon training schedule.  That faster pace really does seem to do wonders for my waistline.

Stats: 5.51 miles. Pace: 9:53. Time: 54:33. Ave HR: 160. Felt: Pretty good. Weather: Sunny and breezy – nice.

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