Painful Quickie

After mowing the yard, I only had a short time before Wayne took the boys to baseball practice, so I just did a short one. It was pretty warm out (66 degrees but very sunny since it was 4:30 pm.) The wind was really gusting  up to 20 mph! I had a hard time keeping my hat on as I ran into the wind. I had to duck my head down, grab it and run hard.  I’m definitely not in “road” shape right now.  It hurt. Glad I got it done, though and I’d said to Wayne as I headed out the door, “I will come back with a run in the 8’s for a change.” It hurt, but I did it.  Looking forward to Big Horn being done, so I can go back to road running get my speed back. 🙂

Stats: 2.35 miles. 8:59 pace. 21:09 time. Ave HR: 166. Felt: Sore and hot

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