A Hike at Swan Falls and Initial Point

I wanted to see some new sights, so Wayne and I loaded up the five kids into the Suburban and headed out in search of adventure and great scenery (and hopefully a little family bonding as well.) I think we got what we came for. It was a beautiful, sunny day, punctuated with just a few minutes of rain showers.  I enjoyed the car ride, the silly games the kids were playing as we rode along and the camaraderie with my family.

Our first stop was Swan Falls, a hydroelectric dam on the Snake River. The rocky canyons, the gorgeous water and the rugged roads all made for an exciting time.  We hiked across the dam and down a trial, enjoying many opportunities for family photos.

On the way back home, we followed a sign that pointed us to “Initial Point” – a volcanic cinder hill that is the point of origin for all Idaho surveys. The road was really steep and rugged and I was grateful we were driving the Suburban since it has 4 wheel drive! I got out and walked ahead making sure we didn’t encounter another car on the way up. That also gave me a great opportunity to take a few pictures of the wide, rolling prairie below. It was gorgeous!

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