An Anton Krupicka Inspired Run

I wanted to run free. I wanted to run wild. I wanted to run Anton Krupicka style! For those who are unfamiliar with Anton, he’s one of the top trail ultra-marathon runners in the United States.  He looks like a Greek god – or more accurately – a Jewish King – since his shoulder length, flowing brown hair and beard make him look a whole lot like Jesus Christ. That is, if Jesus didn’t mind being seen in short shorts and without a shirt while running up and down mountain trials as fast as a gazelle.

Every time I see a picture of Anton running through the mountains with his hair flying back, it just makes me grin. He seems like such a free spirit – a wild, free, nature child!

So, today, when I woke up to my usual Diana Ross natural hairdo, I decided for once not to fight it. I didn’t go searching for a ponytail holder or a hat. I decided to let my hair fly free like Anton’s!

I ran in the countryside today. I awoke before my husband or children were even out of bed and I headed out into the crisp morning air for a few miles of solitude before the day began. It was a new sensation to feel my long, brown curls bouncing against my back and shoulders as I jogged along. It felt good! It was fun! It made me smile.

I can’t wait to run Anton-style again soon! I did pick up some cute $1 bandanas at Wal Mart this afternoon to help hold back the bangs and to keep the front of my hair out of my face, but I’m going to try letting the back of my long, curly hair fly free again soon!

Stats: 5.52 miles Pace: 13:33. Time: 1:14 Felt: A sick stomach so had to walk a lot/otherwise pretty good. Ave HR: 127

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