Little Man’s Longest Run

Wayne Jr wanted to join me again for a little run today. I told him I was thinking of doing 5 or 6. He said, “Let’s do 6, Mama! I’ve never gone more than 4 before and I want to do better!”

He wanted to bring his own water bottle today, so I hooked him up with my extra fuel belt, which just drooped on his skinny little waist. It was comical and cute. He insisted it fit perfectly! I tied his jacket around his waist to try and prop it up a little bit and that worked for the most part.

We’d jog, then walk a bit as he caught his breath or struggled with a side stitch.  We stopped for coins (found two nickels!) and lost golf balls as we passed the golf course (he found three.)  He told me about his latest achievements on his favorite video game as we walked up Nemesis and he whooped and hollered as he ran down the other side. “Little Man’s Got Wheels!” I’d say and he’d shout back,, “Or wings, Mama! Maybe I have wings I’m going so fast!” And he was.

He was so proud of himself as we finished up the run. Then we headed into the house so he could share all of his treasures with his siblings who oohed and ahhhed at the brother who’d really just ran 6 miles with Mama.

Stats: 6 miles. Pace: 16:40. Time: 1:40. Average HR: 110. Elevation Gain: 110 ft. Felt: Happy

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