Recovery Walk While Becca Sewed

My oldest daughter is taking sewing classes on Tuesday mornings right now.  She’s a a natural after only two lessons!  Last week she made a pillow case and used a sewing machine for the first time.  This week she made a zippered pouch. The teacher teased her today that she should have let her teach the class since she’s such a natural. That made my day to hear, since I’m the least crafty Mom in existence!  I’m relieved I didn’t  pass on my inability to do anything remotely like it to her. I’m so thankful that my children shine in their own unique ways and are each finding out their talents and creative outlets at a young age.

Once I got Becca settled in at her sewing machine with the other two gals in the class, I took off on a little walk around the neighborhood while she worked. This was a great chance to stretch the legs out after my 31 miler in the mountains on Sunday. It was sunny and clear out – a perfect day for a little stroll!  I’m feeling pretty good after my romp in the hills – just a little bit sore.

By the time I’d gotten in 4.5 miles, it was time to pick Becca up and head back home again. It was nice to get two things done at once today!

Stats: 4.5 miles. 15:38 pace. Ave HR: 96. Max HR: 129. Felt: Good!

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