I Went to the Healing Place

There’s a path I visit only a few times a year. It’s about a 10 minute drive from my house in good traffic and it’s only 2 miles in length. I come to this path when I need to renew my strength, refresh my soul and restore my body. I call it my healing place.  It’s a paved walking/running path that meanders along a quiet stream. There are large, arching willow and oak trees, lilac bushes and lots of animals.  I enjoy petting the horses just off the path, seeing the field of sheep, and the cows and squirrels, but most of all, I love the ducks! There are so many along the path, that you can’t help but stumble upon at least 100 of them and their adorable offspring throughout the 2 miles out and back.

Today I visited this path. I brought along my camera and my mp3 player and had one goal in mind: Fill my inner cup with peace and calm and confidence again. I believe I achieved that.

I took 174 pictures out there today as I moseyed along. I took the time to stop and smell the lilacs – they are one of my all-time favorite flowers! I said hello to everyone I passed on the path – many older folks out walking their dogs, mostly. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply of the fresh air and greenery all around me. I quieted my mind and listened to Shania Twain and Pink’s lyrics as they pumped up my inner “Girl Power” and reminded me that I’m strong, I’m capable, I’m fierce and I’m no quitter! I also lulled my worries away by listening to the Beach Boys, The Carpenters and Abba.

I feel better. I can do this! Bring it on, Big Horn!!!! I got this!

Stats: 6.51 miles. Pace: 18:39 (moving pace: 14:49 – stopped to sit on a park bench and eat a banana and stopped at a porta potty and for a zillion pictures.) Total time: 2:01.  Ave heart rate: 106 (recovery easy as it should be – perfect). Max heart rate: 172.  Best pace: 7:59.

I added up my total climb for April and thus far for May.  In April, I climbed a total of  14,936 ft.  So far in May, I’ve climbed 9,769 feet.  Total between those: 24,705.

Weekly miles: Hit 50 today! YES!!!! Exactly where I wanted to be! 🙂

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