I Feel Like Bob the Builder (Or at Least Wendy)

The night before the race, Wayne and I had to pick up 100 huge cones and then get them on the busiest section of our course – a section that was over a mile long and went down a steep hill.  Our good friends, Davina and Jeremy showed up to help us out. Jeremy drove at the back with his hazard lights on, and Davina drove our Suburban in the front with her hazards on.  Wayne rode in the uhaul trailer, lifting up the huge cones that were stacked up like six high and dropping them down onto the road. My job was to run up, grab the cone, place it where it needed to be and then jog ahead and repeat 99 more times.  It was fun and I was able to keep a nice rhythm as we worked. Kind of like cross training! 🙂

Stats: 1.25 miles of jogging/lifting and moving heavy, tall plastic cones. Felt: Good.

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