Jogging With Junior

My son begged me to take him running with me today. How could I resist those big blue eyes peeking out from under those blond curls? We had such a nice time. He was high-fiving every tree along our little neighborhood path and soon I was doing the same, which really made him giggle.  He had me take a picture of him smiling next to a cute cow we saw not far from the road. He stopped when he found a robin’s egg and gently carried it in his hands the whole way home. He also found a few feathers and a quarter. He was all smiles when we got back home and realized he’d done 3 miles. He said, “Mama, that only felt like one mile! Can I come with you again tomorrow?”

Stats: 3 miles. 19:31 pace. 58:34 total time. Average Heartrate: 111.  Felt: Like a Good Mom. 🙂

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