I’ve Been a Runner for 3 years now!

It’s May! This is my running anniversary month. 3 years ago, I hadn’t exercised for more than a decade. I was overweight and unhappy. I decided to buy myself a pair of running shoes as my Mother’s Day gift, then printed out the Couch to 5k program and started very slowly running/walking 3 days a week. My dream was to run a marathon by the time I was 40. I’m 38 now. I’ve ran 3 marathons, 2 ultra marathons and many other shorter races. I’m training for my first 50 miler. It’s pretty thrilling to see that big changes can happen if you just try! 🙂 Happy May Day!

I tended to carry a lot of my extra weight right in my stomach and upper body. I think my “muffin top” shows in this photo, even though I’m wearing a loose shirt. After five babies, I just could not seem to get my body back. I thought I was destined to be a size 14 forever.

Running up my third marathon in October – healthier and so much happier!

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