You and Me Go Running in the Dark

My friend since childhood, Davina, invited me to run at Reynold’s Creek tonight in the Owyhee Mountains. How could I resist a midweek long, trail run? Even better, she told me to bring my headlamp! That was exciting since it’s been way too long since I had a good night run.

This was an awesome run. Davina and I are both coming back from time off from injuries, so we’re feeling a bit slower than usual, so it was a really good match pace-wise. We both also have races coming up. She a 50K at Pocatello with a ton of elevation gain on trails in 3 weeks and me with my 50 miler at Big Horn in 8 weeks. Today was a chance for both of us to get some climbing, some elevation and some technical trails. We got it all and then some! I didn’t expect to be glared down by an angry cow (or hundreds of them), but I found myself in just that boat not far into the run. There are lots of cattle that graze these lands, so you need to keep your distance or they will let you know with a deep throaty Moooooo that they are not happy and you’d better not step any closer. That was easier earlier in the run when it was still daylight out. About 10 miles in, we were running in the dark, under a cloudy sky, with the city lights twinkling in the distance and out of the darkness you could hear a “MOOOOOOO” when you got too close to one of them. Eeek! Glad we didn’t get trampled or step in one of the zillions of cow pies we saw everywhere. ha ha!

We took a lot of pictures of the cool rock formations, the grand views on high and of each other doing silly things. It was awesome! I also made it a point to not shut off the Garmin one second – not for potty breaks, not for phone calls to the husbands and not for pictures or fueling. That will stay my policy as I prepare for this race since it keeps me honest. Since there is a time cut-off at Big Horn of 15 hours for the 52+ miles, I will have to gradually improve that pace a bit, but for now, I’m very happy with how things went. It was fun!

Stats: 15 miles. 19:24 actual pace (no Garmin shut offs or pausing allowed!!), 4:51: total time. Average Heart Rate: 149 (felt GREAT!!!!!!) Elevation Gain: 2,851. Elevation Loss: 2,877 ft. Max elevation: 4286 ft.

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