Recovery Run

Ran solo today. Listened to Beach Boys and Village People and couldn’t refrain from doing the Y-M-C-A dance moves during that song. I ran along a short greenbelt in my town (just 2 miles out and another 2 back.) I backtracked a bit to get a little more mileage. Kept an eye on the heart rate the entire time to keep my recovery pace slow enough for some actual recovery. Just a little bit sore from yesterday’s difficult half. I’m eager to get myself back into race shape again, drop about 5 lbs and start feeling a little faster again. My monthly miles in January were 161. I sprained my ankle in February, so my mileage nosedived to 44. In March I only managed 86. I feel really out of shape – out of breath on hills and losing my endurance on the long ones, still. I don’t feel much like the “Me” from a few months ago and I want that back. It’s sort of been like a little flashback to back when I didn’t exercise at all — just three years ago. I don’t like being reminded of that sluggish, unhappy, overweight feeling. Time to print up a new training schedule, choose a goal race and start working for it again. Goals always motivate me and I’m feeling hungry for some miles!

I enjoyed waving hello to the families I saw out on the path today. I saw a little boy, about ten years old, riding his bike with a fishing pole heading towards the creek. I saw a woman throwing a Frisbee for her big, fluffy dog to catch and bring back. I saw a guy riding his dirt-bike on this cool course with about 30 acres of little hills that runs parallel to the greenbelt. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of that bike as it zoomed up and then sailed over the top of each hill – sometimes going airborne for a bit. It looked fun and was a nice distraction to just logging in some miles without my pals. I noticed the cherry blossoms on the trees and the yellow daffodils near the canal and I stopped for photos of both.

Stats: 5.63 miles. 12:04 ave pace. 1:07 total time. Ave Heart rate: 153. Felt: Ok

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