I Love My Gal Pals

After yesterday’s really tough trail run, I was discouraged. My quads hurt so bad, I could hardly make it up the stairs and the blister was raw and red on my right foot. I’d made plans to run with two of my friends, but started to really wonder if I’d be able to do more than hobble along for the 10 miles. Thankfully, it al turned out just fine.

I met Billie and Julie today near a small path I rarely run, but really like. Billie had already ran ten and was meeting Julie and I for ten more. It was so much fun to be with two of my favorite people again. Having close friends that you can relax and just be yourself with and talk (and laugh) about almost anything really does the soul good (and doesn’t hurt for gaining weekly mileage a bit easier either!)

I was surprised that the sprained ankle felt just fine again since we ran on fairly flat asphalt and dirt trails. I felt faster than expected today, too. During the running portions we were comfortably keeping the pace around 9:50-10:30 which is a very comfy range for me. We stopped and took a few silly photos, too.

I felt more like “me” again today. I needed that. I need my friends. 🙂

Stats: 10 miles. 11:53 ave pace. 1:59 total time. Best pace: 5:04 (raced Julie at the end, sooo fun!) Ave heart rate: 154 Felt: Happy

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