The Foothills in the Fog

This was the first run on technical trails since I sprained my ankle at Orcas Island in February. It was challenging. It was beautiful. It was difficult for me. There are many loose, jagged rocks along the singletrack trail and I kept accidentally rolling my left ankle on them. Leaping over a stream around mile 8, I landed on the weak ankle and let out a yelp. It really hurt. I tried the Addidas Kanadia trail shoes today for the first time (other than the one mile around my neighborhood.) There were some problems. Sand and pebbles kept getting into my shoes and socks, rubbing against my toes hard as I ran downhill. I have two blisters on my right foot as a result. Maybe it’s time for some of those cute gators for my shoes I see the other ultra runners wearing? My friend, Mark, was very thoughtful and stayed with me as I was the last pokey puppy out there today, amongst my pals. I appreciated the babysitting. 🙂

This was definitely a reminder that running trails in the mountains can increase your strength and speed (neither of which I am currently exhibiting due to my lack of recent training on them.) I’ll fix that in the upcoming weeks and months and hopefully be back to where I was by Summer time.

Stats: 37 degrees. Snow for most of the run. Foggy. Elevation Gain: 2,659 ft. (I could look down and see Rocky Canyon from the peak which was amazing!!!) Max elevation: 4,579 (which was pretty good. I live around 2,500 elevation.) 15.2 miles. 13:37 moving pace. 3:27:10 moving total time. Best pace: 5:12 (still love the downhills, but found myself more reluctant on them for fear of hurting the ankle worse.)

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