There’s a Pickup on the Train Tracks!

Today’s temps were 39 degrees with 10 mph winds and lots of sunshine in the blue sky! Perfect for a little run in the neighborhood! I decided to test out the ankle on the canal roads (aka – my “trail” near the house.) I ran from my neighborhood to the nearby tree farm, where I usually jump onto the dirt road leading to the canals. They were a mess! Trucks have been driving there while it was muddy and now it’s so rugged and rutted that you can hardly find your footing at all. I rolled my still-healing left ankle within three steps and quickly leaped to the grassy sides instead for that stretch to prevent actually spraining it again. Once I got onto the canal road, things were better. There’s still no water in the canal, so I amused myself by taking note of all the old tires, plastic bags and garbage lining the bottom. It really is a shame it looks like that! Shame on people for not being more responsible with their trash!

As I crossed the road for the next stretch of canal path, I heard the strangest sound. A metalic, screechy sound and looked up. There’s a train track that crosses over my “path” about a mile in and every now and then a train will be going past as I’m running and I’ll have to wait for it. But, today it wasn’t a train going by. It was a pickup truck! A white one, with flashing lights and some kind of oddball contraction on the tires to allow it to “drive” on the railroad tracks! Cool! Obviously, this guy worked for the railroad, but I’d never seen anything like his vehicle’s hybrid capability before. It looked fun! I wished I could take a ride. 🙂 But, not today…. I’m in the middle of a run.

After running over the railroad tracks, I jogged along the golf course, noting how many golfers and carts I saw out there today. It was really fun to see the golfers back at their game, smiling and having fun again. I always feel safer out running when there are plenty of other people around and today I felt extra safe.

I noticed something today. I’m starting to feel more like my old self again. My strength is returning and very gradually, so is my speed. The ankle injury and the weeks I had to take off definitely took their toll, but it’s exciting how fast it can all come back again once you start building the miles. My splits today showed how I gradually felt smoother and faster with each mile.

Mile 1: 10:44 (warm up)
Mile 2: 10:38 (took a gel and water break)
Mile 3: 10:12
Mile 4: 10:11
Mile 5: 9:20
final 30 feet: 7:52

I’m not where I was before Orcas just yet. My shorter runs then were almost all under 10 min/mil average. Today’s ave was 10:13, so I’m getting closer. I’m still about 5 lbs over what I was before the injury, so I need to work on that too. I’ve been enjoying way too much junk food and not enough salads and lean protein. I’m a work in progress. 🙂

Stats: 5.01 miles. Ave pace: 10:13. Total time: 51:09. Felt: Good

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