Yellow Daffodils and Cherry Blossoms

I’m so thankful to have more sunlight in the evenings again! It was a busy day with the kids and they also helped me prepare another 1,400 flyers for the Lake Lowell Marathon and Half Marathon. We’ve been working really hard. Yesterday we got 700 done. Only 400 more to go tomorrow and then we’re done with this group! By the time we’d had dinner, I was feeling pretty spent. I’d put on my running clothes this morning in the hopes I could squeeze in a run, but the opportunity never came up. My husband saw me sitting there all gloomy and tired and insisted I go running. I love when he does that. Sometimes, I need a little push at the end of the day.

The sun was low in the sky as I headed out, running right towards it. I loved the feeling of the warmth of the sunshine on my face. It was about 48 degrees and the winds were about 12 mph, so it was a nice combination of sunny and chilly. I didn’t bring my phone, any water, my keys – nothing. That felt nice, too. During the week, I usually stay very close to the house while I run and bring my cell in case my children need me back home quickly. Tonight, I was able to run with less responsibility since my husband was home and that felt great. I left the neighborhood and headed into the countryside, onto a road I’d only traveled by foot a couple of times before. Exploring new territory always cheers me up.

Running along that country road, I saw them — rows of yellow daffodils lining the walkway of a country home. They were so beautiful and bright. Soon, I saw a few more. Then I saw the trees, with their white, fluffy, pale pink and white cherry blossoms. I spotted a little killdeer squawking at me as I ran by, which told me that the nest was somewhere nearby on the ground full of eggs – likely in some gravel or something similar. Those things made me smile. Spring is my favorite season.

Happy Springtime, everyone!

Stats: 7 miles. 11:43 pace. 1:22 time. Felt: Ok

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