Track Night + A Little More

It was sunny and gorgeous out, so Track Night brought out lots of familiar faces. It was great to catch up with Sam and hear the highs and lows (mostly highs it sounded like) of his completion of a 100 mile race just five days ago. Sam was full of energy and and running really well for having accomplished so great a task over the weekend! I was very impressed and so inspired by his stories.

Bertha, Marci, Davina, Davina’s Mom, Sue, Emily and Ben and a few others made our various loops of the track, chatting and having a really nice time.

Now, Davina and I’d had an agreement before I showed up tonight. Though I’d done 3 miles earlier today and had planned to run at least 4-5 at the track tonight, I was tempted to run more when Davina announced on Facebook that she was planning on sneaking off for another 10 miles or so after the track. What could I do, but beg to come along too!? Now, it’s been awhile since my feet have taken that kind of a long distance beating on the road. The longest I’ve ran since Orcas Island’s Feb 5th race was my 12 miler last Saturday.

I accumulated 4.70 at the track. So… that plus my earlier 3.02 miles was a nice 7.72 miles to start with.

Davina and I said our goodbyes to our pals and headed into the countryside. It was really fun jogging by fresh-smelling fields and big red barns, over rolling hills. After we’d gone a few miles, Bertha tried to harass us from her pickup! ha ha! We teased each other and she mentioned she was driving just ahead to this lovely country farmhouse where her sister-in-law and brother-in-law lived. I teasingly told her we’d need ice cold water when we got there. And, that cutie pie and her sweet sister in law, Nancy, met us at the end of the driveway with ice cold cups of ice water. Oh, it was refreshing on such a warm evening! Sheer heaven!

We waved goodbye again and headed on down the road as the golden sun was starting to set on the horizon. We made a turn and I realized we were on my Lake Lowell Marathon course. I couldn’t help but smile and enjoy the views of the still Lake as the glowing sun reflected on its surface. It was a magical moment when the dark finally took over from the dusk. It was so peaceful and the air was so fresh and delicious I found myself gulping in great breaths of it just to savor it as much as possible. Davina pulled out her headlamp. Oops! Should have brought mine!

We ran in the dark another hour or so until we came back to the dark track and my car. It felt great to see my Garmin beep and say “18 miles” just as we got to the car. Wow! 18 + 3.02 –a hair over 21 miles for the day! My calves really started cramping the last 3 miles and my legs were pretty fatigued, but my soul was singing a different tune! It was great to log those kind of miles again! Just got to keep doing it and I’ll be strong again in no time!

Stats: 18 miles. Pace: 13:07. Time: 3:56 (moving time – actual time was 4:15 counting water stop and bathroom breaks.) 🙂 Elevation Gain: 350 ft. Ave HR: 150. Felt: Fatigued, but Happy!

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