Kanadia Tr 3 Shoes + Barefoot Running

I was really eager to try out my new trail shoes – the Kandia Tr 3, even though I won’t actually see any trial until this Saturday, so I went ahead and gave then a little test run around my neighborhood.
Now, I’d run laps around my block before and I’d noticed it was close to a 1/4 mile though a little short. I thought about it and decided to picture it like a track where the longest distance is at the far lane (if you start and finish at the same spot.) So, I went to the opposite side of the street, right along the sidewalk and started running there and kept my path as close to that as possible. Know what? Doing it that way, it was a perfect .25 miles! Yes!  I ran four laps like that in the new shoes.  They felt well cushioned, responsive and they didn’t rub in any weird spots. Basically, I’m hopeful they are another winner in the shoe search. The real test will be this Saturday when I take them on the trails and do 16 miles in them. THAT will tell me a whole lot more than today’s test run, but it was still nice to get a little taste and see how I felt about them in action.
One of the most impressive features of the Kanadia Tr 3 are the huge grips and even those little pointy rubber things you get on new tires! The bottom even says it has “Mud Surface Release.” Niiiiicceeee!!!! I can’t wait to run hard in them this weekend!
After my first mile, I decided to take the shoes off and run the last mile barefoot for foot strengthening, so I did. I was pretty sweaty after the first mile, so it felt pretty nice to kick off the shoes and socks and just run a little more freely. Now there were several little bits of gravel on the road that made me want to yelp so I kept my pace nice and easy since it hurt less if I wasn’t coming down on those bits of rock with as much force. I also stayed mindful of the fact that this is a new activity for my feet without all the cushioning I’m used to I kept things easy peasy. I started thinking about this huge grassy field not far from my house and decided I’d really like to get out there soon and try a barefoot mile on that soft surface for another experience. I bet it would feel really good! 🙂
Stats: 2 miles. 10:31 pace. Total time: 21:04. Felt: Good

2 thoughts on “Kanadia Tr 3 Shoes + Barefoot Running

  1. Yay for new shoes! I really want to start doing some trail runs, but since I usually run in the very early, predawn hours, I don’t know if I’ll ever fit it in. Looks fun!

  2. Oh, Christy, I hope that you can find some time to run on trails with pals soon! I always have to save my trail running for the weekends, when my husband is home to watch the kids. It’s more than 30 minutes from my home to reach the Boise foothills or the Owhyee mountains — both are challenging, scenic and loads of fun! I always do trails with friends to stay safe. I hope you can gather a buddy or two and hit the trails soon! 😀

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