The Quest for True Shoe Love Continues…..

I purchased two more pairs of running shoes this weekend.  I’m so tired of exchanging shoes that didn’t feel right once I got them home and tried them on the treadmill. I promised my husband that I’m done. No matter what, I’m going to make these last ones work (crossing fingers that this really is the final perfect match for me and that we’ll spend many happy running miles together in glorious bliss!)

For my regular trainers, I bought the Brooks Ghost 3.  I told the fella at the local running shop about my problem with finding a replacement for my Asics Cumulus 10s since the newer models were different and didn’t feel right on my foot. He looked at my Cumulus and then suggested the Brooks Ghost 3. My pal, Emily had also mentioned those to me, so I was excited to see he had my size in so I could try them out.  Honestly, the moment I put them on, it was like deja vu!  When I bought my Cumulus, the sales gal had brought out several boxes for me to try. The top box was the Cumuls. I put them on and just KNEW they were meant for me! That love lasted for 7 pairs! So…. I still need to get outside and give them a proper test drive, but I’m hopeful!  They have the roomy toe box I like, the snug and narrow heel cup I crave, a responsive feel to them, and good, cushy feel (like walking on clouds!)  Send me some “good luck” vibes that this really is my new True Shoe Love for trainers!!!!! I have a half marathon in 3 weeks and my own Lake Lowell Marathon in 6! I need these to be the ones!

And…..while shopping, I also came across these trail shoes. I love trail running and in the past have usually just worn my ever-faithful Asics Cumulus for everything from road to dirt. But, I’ve noticed the other running gals wearing some trail specific shoes that looked pretty cool — lots of grip on the bottom and bright, fun colors.  I spotted the Adidas Kanadia Trail 3 (in pink and gray) and had to try them on.  Wow!!!! They fit me like they were made for me, I love the look and the responsiveness, the huge lugs on the bottom and they even claim to use mud-deflecting material on the sole. How cool does that sound? I run in some pretty muddy places, so that could be a plus. And…..they were pink! At least the accents were and I love pink! So… they came home with me too.

So, stay tuned this week as I try them both out and try to bond with each of them.

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