A Run With My Girls

Today I met my pals Bertha, Julie, Andrea and Marci at the Tio Lane trail near Lake Lowell and we got to hear gushy stories about Bertha’s new beautiful grandbaby, Annie, which all loved hearing every detail about. We chatted about our kids, about Julie and I’s injuries, about Andrea’s beautiful new pink Asics and anything else we could think of. I really love that free flow of conversation with intimate friends. Couple that with running in a beautiful environment and I am just in my element.

The Lake was so beautiful today. The winds rippled the waters and I just had to stop and take it all in and smile.  We girls bumped into the cutest little bunny (Easter Bunny, was that you?!) halfway through the run and had to stop for pictures! It was a perfect day with some amazing friends.

Afterwards, my husband (aka – fellow race director) and I headed out to drop off flyers to the local running stores while the wonderful new sitter stayed with the five kids.  While at the Pulse, I tried on the Brooks Ghost 3 and loved them immediately!!!! I bought them. Let’s hope this is “true shoe love” again. 🙂

Stats: 12 miles. (Ran both sides of Tio Lane out and back and a little extra on the road for the even 12 with Julie – HIGH FIVE JULIE for understanding how much I love even numbers!!!) Heart rate ave: 154. Felt: I had a happy heart, but my legs and feet are still slowly adjusting to more mileage again.

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