Track Night

Man, I’d missed track night! I hadn’t been out to see everyone in months. Though the crowd was quite small tonight, it felt great to be on familiar turf, socializing and running with my friends again.

I haven’t ran with any of my “sole” mates (ha ha) since Orcas Island 50k on Feb 5th when I sprained my ankle.  I’ve been injured, so have had to turn down all of the fun longer runs recently.  Physically and mentally, I really have ached for that camaraderie and the push I get from my friends when we run together.

Tonight I ran with Billie a bunch. I love her to bits! She’s loads of fun and our paces are a pretty good match. It felt so good to see the miles fly by without effort (the way it only seems to happen for me when a pal or a few pals are along for the ride.) We chatted and caught up on all that’s gone on since our race in Feb.

Our buddy, Emily showed up for a bit, too and that just made my whole night perfect! The three of us girls chatted and talked shoes and pals and it was fantastic. I thanked Emily for sharing her Kinvaras with me last week and let her try out my Cumulus 10’s and Asics Hypergirl track spikes. It was like a grown up running girl’s dressup party! 🙂   My heart just felt so happy being surrounded by my friends again. I really missed them. And those pals of mine I haven’t ran with (yeah, I’m looking at YOU — I miss you too!!! I need to see you all again soon to fill up my happy cup!) 🙂

Stats: 4.57 miles. Felt: HAPPY, lighter than air, ALIVE!  Ave HR: 154

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