Taking Time To Breathe

My stress level has been higher than usual with all of the race planning going on.  My husband and I have been spending nearly every evening and weekend working on details of the marathon and half marathon and have had very little time to just chat, hold hands, watch tv or do anything relaxing and fun together or as a family.

Yesterday was my baby daughter’s birthday. She turned 4. That seemed a really good excuse to take a night off from race details and enjoy some fun family time. We had a nice spaghetti dinner (Savannah’s favorite), then had pink and yellow cupcakes for dessert. Afterwards, we headed to the movies to watch Yogi Bear. We had popcorn, soda and Milk Duds. We laughed a lot. It was just what my frazzled brain and thirsty soul needed.

After we tucked the five kids into bed last night, I sat down and made a list of things to do in the next week to attain better balance in my life right now. I wrote things like: Drink Chammomile tea. Run With Friends on Saturday. Do Yoga. Give husband knock-your-socks off kiss. Take a walk.   Today, I drank that chammomile and took a walk.  I also brought along my camera and wore my heart rate monitor to ensure that I was remembering to slow down and listen to the birds and be in the moment.

It’s lovely out today! The prettiest day we’ve had here in Southern Idaho yet this Spring! The sky is a breath-taking shade of robin egg blue, the clouds are like giant cotton balls thrown about the sky and the birds were twittering and tweeting to their heart’s content. It was exactly the sort of day I’d call perfect.

Taking my camera along was a fantastic way to make me stop and really notice my scenery. It’s hard to ignore the rust color of a robin’s breast when you’re zooming in for that perfect close-up or neglect to really see the details on the petals of the purple tulips pushing their way through the soil when  you’re crouched down for a closer look. I have a busy mind. This was therapeutic. I encourage those of you who’ve had a busy week to do the same. Grab your camera and get out there and really notice the details around you. Close your eyes and listen to the birds. Take a breath – a really deep one and let it out slowly. Breath. Be Alive. Enjoy!

Today’s stats: 2. 36 miles 28:03 – pace. 1:06 – total time. Ave heart rate: 95. Felt: At peace. 🙂

Here are some shots from today’s nature walk:

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