1st Date With The New Shoes

March has been a really unhealthy month at my house. All five of the children caught the flu in the first week. I caught a bad cold the same week. I’m still not entirely over the sniffles.  On Friday, my husband and I went to the shoe store to exchange the Nikes that didn’t work out.  While there, our oldest daughter called to tell us the six year old had thrown up. I paid for all three pairs I was trying on, so I could get home faster and figure out the shoe problem later.  Luckily, we live less than two miles from the closest shoe store, so we were home quickly.  Our poor little girl had thrown up all over the couch, then the wooden floors and finally the kitchen as she made her path towards the bathroom.  We were really impressed with how calmly our oldest daughter had dealt with the situation, though and soothed her sister until we were back home.  We thanked her, paid her a bonus for the tough situation and started to clean up the house and our daughter.

About two hours later, all hell broke loose.  One after another, three of the other children started vomiting.  I don’t think more than one of them made it into the bathroom, either. Our walls, our carpets, the bedding, the mattresses — everything was getting hit! And, it was the kind of stomach bug that keeps coming back to bite.  I’d be upstairs helping to clean up one child and I’d hear another downstairs start to throw up too. Wayne and I were grateful to have each other since we were severely outnumbered with very ill children, messes to clean up and laundry to do.

We managed very well to juggle it all — even through the middle of the night until things went wrong. Wayne started to feel nauseous, clammy and woozy. He tried to fight it, but it wasn’t long before he, too, joined the children with the retching and vomiting.  And, I tried to stay healthy. Really I did! Running from child to child and to Wayne when he’d start up started to get to me.  I’d placed a kitchen towel around my face with one of those chip clips at the back in an effort to not breathe in all the germs too much as I cleaned up, but the kids couldn’t help but breathe right into my face while saying, “Mommeeeeeeeee… . I’m sooo siiiiiiccckkk. Give me a kisss. Hold me Mommy. Make it better.” Of course I held them. Of course I kissed them and held their hands or pulled their hair back while they were sick and then cleaned it all up afterwards.  And, of course — I ended up getting sick too.

That’s when things really went downhill. The nonstop nausea, the dizziness, the clammy skin. The overwhelming exhaustion.  I’d fight the nausea, but it would always win. Wayne and I took turns running to the bathroom, until finally the inevitable happened and he came running in while I was already taking my turn face-down in the porcelain throne and so he did the next best thing — he ripped open the shower curtain to my beloved soaking tub and blahhhhhhhhh all over inside it.  Ugh!

Our poor little children.  We laid as still as stones, moaning in the bed after being sick and could hear them downstairs, flopped on the couches with blankets watching cartoons getting sick again. 🙁  It tore me up. I could not move without vomiting. I’d been up all night long helping each of them over and and over and here it had finally hit me.  I managed to slowly get myself downstairs and cleaned up one more time while letting them know that Mommy and Daddy were now sick too and couldn’t come as fast.  They were so sweet and understanding.  We all kind of had to look after ourselves for a bit during the early-morning hours on Saturday as we each slowly got through the worst of it.

Saturday was a blur.  Everyone slept fitfully, tummies still aching from a long night’s work. Nausea was still strong. Everyone was weary and weak.  Except the three year old. My bouncy, funny, curly blond haired ball of energy had managed to avoid the sickness and was all smiles and energy while the rest of us looked on with envy and awe.  I managed to pull myself out of bed and down the stairs to get her some breakfast.  No one else even wanted to think about food. I brought water to everyone even though they could only tolerate it in tiny sips. Mostly, we all just slept and felt miserable.

Sunday was a turning point. I felt almost normal when I woke up, though I still did not have an appetite. It was good timing. I did several loads of laundry and dishes, swept, made beds and made broth and Gatorade for everyone. I felt well enough to go to the store and buy ice cream and saltines and cheerios — simple foods I thought might feel good to everyone by day’s end.  I was right. The kids perked up when I served them each a small serving of ice cream.  Only one laid his head on the table and just could not handle eating yet. The others were staring to get their sparkle back and I felt good “mothering” them back to health.

This morning, Wayne called in sick to work. It was the right thing to do. He’s still the sickest in the group.  I think he’ll be well enough to head to work tomorrow, though I think it will be a day or two until he feels all the way back to normal. I can hear the kids chatting good-naturedly over morning cartoons.  I just got back from a run. Things are starting to feel normal again.

I did lose some weight. That four pounds I was complaining about last week is totally gone! I guess I just had to lose my lunch over and over and not eat at all for a couple days to achieve that. I think I’ll stick with healthier eating and exercise to lose the weight next time, thank you very much!  Wayne lost even more. He’s down about seven pounds.

So.. the new shoes.  Saucony Grid Cohesion 4 in pink and silver.

Today I took them for a spin. My first impression was that they were really, really cushy — the same kind of running-in-the-clouds comfort that my Asics Cumulus 10’s had given to me for seven pairs!  They also have a nice, roomy toe box, nice ventilation mesh and they don’t rub me wrong or poke me anywhere. They’re also really pretty! I’ve been secretly wishing for a pink pair of running shoes for the last 2 1/2 years but comfort always beats fashion, so I’ve been running in red/white and silver shoes instead even though they match none of my running clothes.

Now, the downside:  I bought this pair in a size 9.  I wear a size 8 in shoes and had worn a size 8 1/2 normally in the Cumulus 10’s.  I did end up buying the last 2 pairs of Cumulus in a size 9 since I was desperate to find that style and willing to make that compromise. It was a little too roomy feeling at first, but I wore thicker socks, tightened the laces and was able to run in them fine. In fact, I just completed the Orcas Island 50k while wearing that last pair of size 9’s.  But, today, in the Saucony’s in size 9, I started to wonder if I’d chosen wrong. The heel cup felt too slippy. I’d stop, tighten the laces and run a bit. Nope. Still too loose. I threaded the laces up the last eyelet on either side to give it a snugger fit and that worked – sort of. It stopped the heel slippage, but left the laces so short I couldn’t double knot and the laces came undone pretty quickly (a problem I never had with the Cumulus’ nice, lengthy strings.)  Eventually I tied it even tighter so the strings wouldn’t come undone but then my toes were starting to go numb from how tight the laces were. Hmm…

So, the jury’s still out. I bought two pairs – one for the treadmill and one for the road, so I think I’ll return the unworn pair and exchange them for a size 8 1/2 and see how that goes.  I might just have to wear thicker socks with the size 9’s.  The only other downfall I noted was not enough arch support for my rather high arches.  They are technically in between medium and high, but I can tell when a shoe doesn’t offer enough of it.  This, too, may be a problem of having bought the wrong size (or having lost about 5 lbs in the last few days since I first bought them when I thought they were perfect.) That would be just my luck to lose weight in my feet when I really needed to lose it in my gut!

The weather outside was insanely gorgeous!  Birds chirping in the trees overhead,  beautiful blue skies dotted with fluffy clouds as far as the eye could see and most importantly – SUNSHINE!!!!! Yes, it’s true — there was sunshine out today for my run! Yahooo!!!!!!

I jogged by a couple of old men wearing their winter jackets and gloves.  They looked at me suspiciously and I looked back at them suspiciously. “Why oh why are you dressed like THAT?”, I could tell they thought of me and I thought of them.  I was wearing my short Under Armor shorts and a tank and felt that perhaps my ankle socks were a bit too much sock for such a lovely day as this.  The temperature was 45 with 14 mph winds – but I swear to you – with that bold, bright sun out – it felt like being in Hawaii! Not that I’ve ever been to Hawaii – but how I imagine it would feel — you know — perfect. 🙂

Stats: 2.35 miles. 10:13 ave pace. 24:04 total time. 167 ave heart rate (a bit high for this pace. I’m still dehydrated and recovering from this bug. I’m sure it will take a few days to see my HR back to normal on runs.)

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