Gallowaying Into the Wind

I’ve gained 4 lbs this past month while recovering from the ankle sprain that’s left me unable to run for several weeks. My pants are tighter.  It’s amazing how quickly extra weight can pile back on when you’re not active. Having spent several years of my life as an overweight Mom before becoming a runner three years ago, it’s a feeling I am all-to-familiar with and wish to avoid ever truly experiencing again.  Though my ankle is not healed entirely, it doesn’t seem to bother it to run, so after watching the scale rise to numbers I hadn’t seen in a couple of years, I have been more-than-eager to start building my mileage base back up to normal so I can watch those numbers go back down instead of up.

Today I woke to 35 degrees, 15 mph winds and gray skies. Though it was chilly out, I couldn’t wait to get my run in! I always put my Garmin watch on over my long-sleeved shirt before heading outside to test the weather. That sometimes becomes an issue if I underestimated the wind or cold since my left hand then is left exposed to the elements, while my right hand gets to tuck back into my long-sleeved tech shirt or jacket, getting cozy. This was one of those days. The wind was bitter against my skin and I regretted not bringing along my gloves. I realize I could solve the whole problem by just stopping and unstrapping the watch and fixing it – but once I get running, I hate to come to a complete stop for almost anything, so I’m stubborn that way and suffer because of it.

I felt pretty strong starting out and realized I needed to pull back if I was going to comfortably run the entire loop. So, I decided to use the Galloway method today to keep things in check as I carefully build my base mileage and pace back up to my pre-injury levels again. I walked a full minute after each mile and that seemed a really good balance to make me slow down a bit and take it easy.

Stats: 4.36 miles. Ave pace: 10:04. Time: 43:52. Ave HR: 165. Max HR: 181.

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