Just Me, My Mountain Bike and A Suburban Full of Kids

I had to make one more trip around Lake Lowell today on the marathon course with my bike and the Jones Counter.  It was the final step – making a semi-permanent marking at each mile location before we send off our paperwork for certification with USA T & F.  It was a bit windy and gray out when we drove the Suburban out to the race start location. My incredibly patient children once again came along to crew Mom on the bike while Daddy drove and did the math between measurements.  The entire process really does feel like a humongous science lab/math lesson with all the measuring, taking temperatures, documenting things and adding and dividing.  The teacher in me loved the entire process – especially the part where I didn’t actually have to DO any of the math since I delegated that to Wayne. Ha ha! Thanks, honey!!!!!

As we made our marks at each “official” mile, we also took notes about where we’d locate our aid stations and got some ideas for great race photographer spots. It felt very productive.

Just about mile 20, I saw two runners ahead and my spirits lifted. My ultra pals Sam and Emily (who’ve also been so much help with putting this marathon together) were out running the course!  We stopped to chat and have a few laughs before we all headed down the road – me on my bike and them taunting me that I was taking the easy road today instead of joining them. Ha!

It felt wonderful when I finally reached the finish line! I’ve now rode the entire course (and measured it with the Jones counter) three times in the last four weeks!  I feel really satisfied to have the mile markers done as well since that will make setting up aid stations much easier in a few weeks.

Wayne, the kids and I all celebrated over pancakes, hash browns and eggs at Shari’s Restaurant afterwards. Wayne bought a banana cream pie, too. I’ll have to savor that later on. A little too tired and full right now to even take a bite.

Stats: 27 miles total (To get the miles done perfectly with the Jones counter required a bit of back-tracking several times on the bike. The counter actually rolls backwards when you walk the bike back. Which  was very handy for the purposes today, but also meant I did a little bonus riding overall.) Moving Time: 2:36  (actual time was 3:36 – slow going stopping and marking at every mile!)  Ave moving pace: 10:2 mph. Max pace: 22.8 mph.  Overall elevation gain: 469 Garmin Connect corrected.  Ave heart rate: 141. Max heart rate: 181.

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