Lake Lowell – Certification Round 2

It was another lovely day to ride the bike and certify the marathon course. My husband and five kids crewed for me, which made things go even smoother today than yesterday. It was nice to not have to carry my water or snacks or to even stop for photos. Wayne took several for me, which was awesome. The scenery was beautiful today.

My favorite animal sightings were both horses today: I saw a young Mom riding her horse around her corral with a small child (about age 3) in the front of her and another son (maybe age 5) clutching onto her from the back. It was a very sweet scene and it made me smile. I also saw a horse laying down wearing this season’s fashion — a stunning blue coat. 🙂 I love seeing animals in clothing. It always cracks me up. And, I know… horse owners don’t call them coats, they call them blankets — but I totally think they look just like jackets.

My hiney was a bit whiney after yesterday’s 26.2. Apparently not riding a bike at all for 20 years is not good prep on the bottom half for leaping into 52 miles in two days. Who knew?! I thought of the phrase Michael Jackson said on his song, “The Girl is Mine” – “I’m a lover, not a fighter” but made it my own today by thinking “I’m a runner, not a biker!”

A couple of “real” cyclists recognized me from yesterday’s venture around the Lake and waved. My husband heard one say to the other, “Hey! I saw her out here yesterday!” They were probably wondering what I was doing on a mountain bike on their lightweight, cycle turf.

I was pretty fatiged by mile 20 today. I pushed the pace a bit, eager to beat yesterday’s overall and moving times. Yesterday, my “overall ” time counting taking photos, waiting for Wayne, etc was 3:18 for the course. Today it was 2:25! My moving time was 2:33 yesterday, today it was down to 2:17! Yay me! But, due to the increased pace, I wore out a lot sooner. At the 20 mile spot, I parked the bike on the course, walked past Wayne who was offering me my water bottle and laid right on the ground to get a little break. A few cars went by and Wayne remarked that seeing a big Suburban and a big guy near a woman sprawled on the ground with a bike nearby probably made them assume he’d hit me with the vehicle and was tending to a wounded rider. The scene was made even better when he offered me Oreo cookies. There I laid, eyes closed, catching a breath, while I munched cookies. Mmmm….

I couldn’t nap forever, though and I was truly almost done. The Oreos worked their magic and soon I was zipping along by the Lake again, eager to see the finish line! I did it! 52 miles by bike in two days! The course measuring is now done. Just need to finish filling in the fine details on the paperwork and send it in. We were told the certification of our marathon course should only take a few days once they have it in hand. Sweet!!!!

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