Race Photos

Here’s some of my favorite photos from the race:

This is one of my favorites of some of my pals! Lynette, Dennis and Lisa are super duper ultra runners who amaze me! Loved their tutus and smiles at the start line!

Here’s my friend and team mate, Sparkle under this huge fallen tree overlaying part of the path! Cool, huh?

The scenery was spectacular! Waterfalls, rainforest and trails that went on for miles….

Some of the more mild sections of trail of the Orcas Island 50k

A photo I look when landing at Orcas Island from the ferry. It’s a cute Island!

The view from Orcas. So pretty staring out at the other San Juan Islands.

A photo of most of my team (there were 15 of us) at the start:

Coming into the first aid station.

On the Powerline section that almost did me in with my friend, Billie.

The Powerline section looking back down. STEEP!

More Powerline – the toughest section of the race.

The lovely, mossy forest.

I came to life after Powerline and felt awesome climbing the 2,000 feet of Mt Constitution. This photo was taken around mile 23 (near the summit.) I felt GREAT!

The elevation profile. It’s a TOUGH race!

Sprinting across the finish line, so proud of all I’ve accomplished!

Bertha, getting a much-deserved cuddle from her husband after her finish! This brought tears to my eyes, it was so sweet.

Chocolate Milk rocks! We did it!!!!

War wounds:
The ankle:

The hand:

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