Mission Accomplished

I did it! 50K number 2 done! It was so tough! The most challenging course I could even imagine. My Garmin uploaded 17,439 feet of elevation gain. That wasn’t completely accurate (Garmin Connect takes the info and gives a more accurate measurement of about 8,000.) But.. truly since mile 4 and mile 13 each were about 1200 in a mile each (and miles 12-14 were literally straight UP without a flat spot) I nearly keeled over early on and passed out from the elevation change. It was epic! It was cruel! 217 people signed up for this bad boy. 136 made it across the finish line. They say that you can judge the difficulty of an ultra marathon by the number of DNF’s. This one rates wayyyy up there!!!! Not a race for sissies! It took me 9 hours and 40 minutes. I turned my ankle at mile 30 (32.67 miles total in the race.) Had to run the last bit on it. Pretty sore. But, I finished! I did it! I faced a mighty obstacle and overcame it! Not without blood (with I drew in a fall during, believe it or not — mile 2) and sweat and lots of mud!

Detailed race report to come later. But, I will tell you that of the 15 runners that came from Idaho, 1 was out with an injury before the start (stress fracture) – poor guy – but he still was awesome to cheer the rest of us on at the race, 2 dropped out from illness during the race (lots of vomiting, hallucinations, etc) and 2 were pulled from the course when they didn’t make the last aid station before the cut-off time. We had to reach the peak of Mt Constitution (the highest point of the race at mile 22) by 3 pm. I made it in with about half an hour to spare — so just under the wire. Bertha came right after me. She was the last one through. Everyone else on the course was pulled from the race at that point (more than 7 hours into the race.) It was getting dark. I came in second to last of those allowed through — the goal I’d set for myself exactly.  Incredibly proud of myself for facing a giant and conquering it! It was NOT a race for sissies!!!!!! I crossed the finish line in 9:40 (that’s HOURS and minutes!!!)

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