Final Long Run Before 50k

Final long run before my 50k on Saturday. Ran along the Boise River on the trails along the Eagle greenbelt. About 35 degrees, 10 mph winds (brrrr) and overcast. It was chilly and gray.

When I started the run, I turned on my mp3 player and the song, Be Ok by Ingrid Michaelson was playing.

I just want to be ok, be ok, be ok
I just want to be ok today
I just want to be ok, be ok, be ok
I just want to be ok today

That song totally resonates with me. It’s what I need to believe as I head into this upcoming race. I’m nervous. I’m a bit worried and I really needed to hear these words.

The first two miles felt wonderful. I felt some spring in my step and I had hope in my heart. The second song on my mp3 was Kool & The Gang’s Celebration and I realized that this upcoming race would be just that – a celebration of all of my hard work and training.

I wish I could say it continued on those happy notes, but I’m afraid that’s not the case. Somewhere around mile 5, I started to feel really cold. The wind had picked up. I’d turned off the mp3 earlier when I realized that I was mostly alone on the trails and I felt safer with them off. But, that meant I was alone with my thoughts, without any peppy, musical distraction. My fuel belt felt heavier than usual. I bought a new compact camera, eager to take some great photos on my Orcas Island adventure and this was one of the first runs with it in the pack. It was heavy. It kept bumping into my cell phone and trying to call others (despite the fact that I kept locking the keypad.) Wayne said he tried to call me and apparently the call was answered, but all he heard was me running along oblivious to the phone call taking place in my waist pack. Ugh! When I stopped to take a photo, I saw the phone display the message, “Dial SOS?” Oh dear!!! That would have been embarrassing to place a 9-1-1 call without even knowing it. I felt frustrated.

I felt a bit warmer after the first few miles, so I’d tied my jacket around my waist and tucked my Nike running gloves into my sports bra since I had no room left in my waist pack. It seemed a brilliant idea. Apparently there were some flaws with the plan that I didn’t take into account.

I had stopped for a photo of some ducks and afterwards, realized I was getting cold as I jogged. So, I reached into my bra for the gloves. Found the first one just fine. Reached for the other. Digging. Huh? Digging more. (Getting odd looks from passing runners.) I didn’t care. I stopped and stared down into my shirt thinking I just wasn’t grabbing in the right spot — but — no glove. Crap! At $20 a pair I can’t afford to be losing one. So, I retraced my steps. Thankfully, about a quarter mile back — there in the middle of the trail (right where I’d stopped for the duck photo) was my lonely glove. Whew!

Somehow I just couldn’t get my mojo back after that. I was tired. I was cold. I wanted to be done. But, I plugged on. I knew when I headed out today that if I ran 13 miles today, I’d hit 160 for the month — a pretty stinking impressive feat for me! My top mileage month ever was last September and that was 162 miles. So, I clung to that goal and just got through it.

I took a couple of wrong turns, but thanks to my trusty Garmin (with the “back to start” navigational gps feature) I found my way back to the car just fine.

I was relieved to be done.

Stats: 13.01 – miles. 2:07:42 – time. 9:48 – pace. Felt: Blah….

Best miles: Mile 4 – 8:17. Mile 13 – 9:05

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