Hitched A Ride From A Hunk

After school today, I headed out to catch some of the lovely sunshine I had spied out the windows during the day. There’s a college near my home. I love running there on the roads looping through the campus. One of the streets is even named Achievement. That’s the street I set my mile PR on in November, so that label has special meaning for me.

So, I was running there today, using one of the side roads to do a few pickups when my husband texted me. He was at the grocery store and was swearing up and down that they no longer carried our particular brand of bread. I texted him more specific instructions to find it, then it hit me. The store was only about half a mile away. Why not just jog over and surprise him (and help him find the bread?) So, I did.

I was feeling kind of giddy as I ran, since he had no idea how close I was when we texted me. I made it into the parking lot and quickly found his car, then headed into the store to find him. Just as I made it into the entrance, he spotted me coming in and looked totally surprised. It was awesome! 

He asked if I wanted a ride and I told him, “Sure. Just as soon as I round up to the next mile.” Then proceeded to run a few loops in the parking lot until I had a nice even 4. We giggled like high school sweethearts riding back to the house, since it felt a bit like a date.

Once we got back to the house, I asked when the last time he’d ran was (he usually runs at work during lunch, so I’m not always sure.) He said it had been a few days. So, I asked if he’d like to join me for a couple more miles. He said yeah. 

He did great! This was only the second time that we’ve ever run together, so it was sentimental to me. He’s just beginning, but he’s going such a great job! He went the two miles and didn’t walk a step! We chatted (or, I chatted and he restrained himself from putting a muzzle on me) and we enjoyed the crisp cool air as the sun was getting lower in the sky.

While we stretched on the porch, I headed back for just a teensy bit more to get an even 7 for the day. Fantastic! Finished off by doing stretches in the house while my three year old crawled in circles around my legs. 

Stats: 7.01 miles. 10:28 pace. 1:13 total time. Felt: Pretty good, though legs felt sluggish until the pickups. The short bursts of speed felt really good.

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