Hadn’t done any speedwork or intervals since my October marathon. I usually take the winter months to recover and focus on endurance more, so now that I’ve had 3 months off from the “hard work” I figured today would be a fun time to try out some easier interval work. I didn’t have any sort of plan, so I decided to warm up for a mile, then do 6 repeats of about 8:30 .50 miles with .25 mile recovery jogs and then cool down. After the first mile, my legs were still really feeling tight, so I just kept the pace at about 10:30 for the first round to extend the warm up and loosen up the tired legs. It helped a ton! Guess I just need longer warm ups in the winter months.

Interval 2 was 8:30, interval 3 was 8:30, interval 4 was 8:07, interval 5 was 7:54 and interval 6 was 7:47. It felt good to feel the leg turnover going well again. I’m really out of “speed” shape, but look forward to increasing my intervals and tempo work again as I look towards the Spring racing season.  Ave HR: 161. Max HR: 190.

Stats: 6.01 miles. 10:10 pace. 1:01 total time. Felt: Tired but good

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