Lactic Acid + Winds up to 35 mph = Slow Christie

Today I felt like that little kid in movies who’s had it with the big bully so he comes at him hard, fists swinging while the big bad bully grabs his head, laughing, holding him at arm’s length while the little guy thrashes all about accomplishing nothing. Lactic acid in the legs from the back-to-back long runs + 23 mph winds with gusts up to 35 mph made me feel like I was moving in slow motion, frame-by-frame instead of step by step.

The sun and temperature were deceiving – 54 degrees and beautiful, glorious sun. The wind just spoiled the whole pretty picture, though.

Since it was just a recovery run, I didn’t have to face it for long. Looking forward to a day of full rest tomorrow.

Ave HR: 148 Max HR: 177 (My ego got the best of me when a neighbor waved as I started out, so I zipped along at a nice 7:00 pace for a whole tenth of a mile until they were out of sight, then eased back to my recovery pace.)

Stats: 2.35 miles. 11:14 pace. 26:24 time. Felt: Tired

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