It’s Raining It’s Pouring

I love running in the rain. The soft sound of the raindrops steadily falling, the fog my steady breathing makes, even the sound of the car’s tires as they drive past in the puddles is soothing to my soul.

30 degrees. 5 mph winds. Raining the entire time. Ave HR: 158. Max HR: 195 – Sweet! Higher than I’d seen yet! I always like to finish with a little kick like a race even on an easy run. I focused today on form and relaxing my shoulders and letting my legs swing freely. The first 3 miles were very slow as I felt some tightness in the calves, but they loosened up nicely after mile 3 and from that point forward, it really felt like I was just floating along — free as a bird.

Stats: 5.08 miles. 10:14 ave pace. 52:00 total time. 257 ft elevation gain. Felt: Peaceful, but fatigue in the legs.

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