I’m a Momsicle!

BRRRRR! My weather: 22 degrees, sunny, with a windchill that makes it feel like 9 degrees according to the weather forecast. Winds gusting up to 29 mph! My little recovery run today felt like a true, dig-down-deep effort it was so cold! My face and fingers and buns were frozen. I just had to duck my head down and push just to will myself to move forward into that icy, harsh wind. I had to walk a few times the effort was so great. Once I was back in the neighborhood with houses surrounding me, the worst was over – but so was the run. 

Stats: 4.37 miles. 10:40 pace. 46:40 time. Felt: COLD and worn out. Elevation gain: 151 ft.
Average HR today: 157. Max HR: 182 (fighting the wind takes a real effort!!) Whew!

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