Wilson’s Creek With Billie and Randy – Streak Day 11

I revisited the trails in the Owyhees today with my friends, Billie and Randy. It was a beautiful, chilly, winter morning and a perfect day for running the canyon and creek route. We spotted three jack rabbits (man, those things are FAST and big, too!), a few folks out on horseback enjoying the scenery and horse trails and we even discovered a secret cave! Cooooll!!!!

Today was the first time I used a downloaded course on my Garmin. From Garmin Connect, I downloaded the course from yesterday to my watch as a file. I was a bit nervous that I’d lead the other astray once we got out there – but the watch was amazing! I opened up the training options and chose course and selected the only course I had saved (I’ll have to keep playing with this to know how to name it something specific.) Immediately, a little black line showed up with an arrow (me) on the path. I just followed the black line and could see ahead when we’d have to curve or turn. I did get off path a couple of times, but it was easy to look down and see the arrow was off the mark and get right back on! Sweet! I needed this last week for the 50k I got lost in!

Unfortunately, when we arrived back at the car, I was pumped to see how my mile splits looked, but couldn’t see that data at all. Nothing was there. It turns out, once you hit “Do Course”, even thought the map activates and will guide you the entire way – it’s not recording that information until you hit Start. Oops!!!!!!!!! So, today’s time and distance is estimated from what my two buddies had on their watches. Yay for multiple Garmins! 

I’m very excited to venture out on other downloaded courses in the area now. I see that many local races have access to that info on their web sites or you can do it from a friend’s info on Garmin Connect. It was amazing not to have to hardly pause when a junction of trails would happen. Last week overall, Bertha and I spent 1 hour of (nonmoving time) in our trail run — mostly lost scratching our heads at junctions in the trails. This week, that didnt’ happen. It was like having a personal guide right on my wrist! Oh, Garmin, how I love thee…. let me count the ways!!!!!!!

Stats: 7.25 miles. 10:20 pace??? (I felt fast today – really fast- might have been better than this.) Time: 1:15ish??? Felt: Surprisingly awesome. Wore CW-X tights. That may have had something to do with it. My legs felt like they had wings. I also think I was burning off some frustration from my DNF from last weekend. I didn’t go out expecting to run well. I thought I’d run poorly today based on how sore my shins felt last night and how fatigued I was when I went to bed. I woke up feeling whole and healthy again. Sometimes, it just feels good to push a bit. Forgot to bring the heartrate monitor strap. Oops! I would have guessed today would fall into tempo paced heart rate. It felt like it.

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