Streak Day 10 – Wilson’s Creek Slow Girls Trail Run

My pal Emily and I were chatting about a month ago on a trail run about all the gal pals we have who run but who don’t normally join us on some of our usual training runs. It occurred to us that there was a need for some group runs for those who were new to trail running – something where everyone felt encouraged, where the group kept together as a pack and where the goals were enjoying nature’s beauty and the friendship of other wonderful ladies we care about.
Today was the first “Slow Girls Trail Run” and it was a huge hit! There were about 15 of us ladies who headed out this morning to Wilson’s Creek trails in the Owyhees. The scenery out there is filled with mountains, rugged red canyons and outcropping of unique rock formations. The mountain peaks were blanketed in snow, but the sandy, rocky, singletrack trails were nice and dry today. Wilson’s Creek bubbled along next to us, peeking out here and there through frozen sheets of ice. One of the most wonderful things about running in the Owyhees is the opportunity to see wild horses up close. We spotted two right at the end of today’s run. Magical!
The conversation flowed smoothly, there were lots of smiles and I think this will have to be the start of a regular group thing. My heart is happy. 
27 degrees. Calm winds. Sunny. Heart rate Ave: 123. Max:170 (there were a couple of really thrilling downhills!). 

Stats: 7.25 miles. 19:40 pace (kept the watch on during all photo ops) Total time: 2:22. Felt: HAPPY – Really happy!!!!!

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