Easy Recovery Run While Playing With the new Heart Rate Monitor

Today I wanted to play around with my heart rate monitor again on my easy recovery run. It was fun seeing the numbers bopping around depending on my effort. I have some homework to do learning exactly what those numbers mean, but today I figured trying to keep the effort below 160 was a good place to start. I also surged just a hair at the end to see what my max would be for a short burst and it was 184 today. Took it down to a walk after I hit the house shortly after 2 miles or so and just took my time watching the numbers go back down to about 120 ish. I love how the Garmin keeps reporting to me the heart rate even while I’m done recording it, so I was able to see my numbers get back down to 80 or so while I stretched. What a fun tool!

20 degrees. Sunny with clouds. 10 mph winds (chilly!) Felt: Good

Stats: 2.56 miles. 10:34 pace. 27:02 time. 164 ft climb. Heart rate ave: 157. Max HR: 184.

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