50k Makeup Homework

Teacher! Teacher! I hope you’re accepting makeup homework on that 50k from yesterday because I have some miles I’d like to turn in.  11.07 + 20.00 from yesterday = 31.07 (a 50k).  Feel free to at least give me an E for effort.

I used a mixture of P!nk rock music and zen-like Beach Boys on my mp3 player today to appease the two sides of my mind today – the obsessive-compulsive, cranky one who was frustrated that I didn’t get my full miles in yesterday and the happy-go-lucky, silver-lining gal.  Luckily — this run helped me leave the aggressive one out on the asphalt and come home the zen one again. It’s all good….

One more thought — Arm warmers make excellent calf warmers when the only pair of running tights left in the closet at capris and it’s 18 degrees out. Just in case you were wondering. 

18 degrees. Sunny. 8 mph winds. Felt: Good

Stats: 11.07 miles. 10:18 ave pace. 1:54 total time. Elevation Gain: 525 ft. Felt: GOOD!

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