I Can’t Feel My Thumbs or Thighs

I’m trying to loosen up these tight muscles with short runs this week in prep for my 50k mountain run this Sunday. I think the short run yesterday helped. Today felt easier, except for the weather. 19 degrees. 13 mph winds. sunny. Weather report said “Feels like 8 degrees” and by the first half mile when I couldn’t feel my thumbs despite wearing my fleece gloves, I had to agree. Brrrrr.

Just a short run today. I wanted to include the only real hill near my home – a hill my friend Amy had dubbed her “Nemesis.” The hill is my nemesis too, so I decided to run from my house to the top of that hill and back today. I figure doing that a couple times a week will help improve my problems with hills over time (and I’ll add repeats soon, too.)

Couldn’t feel my thighs on the way home. Man, that wind just bites into the skin! I’m a little worried about the 31.07 miler in the snowy mountains this weekend. It’s an unassisted race (no fees, aid stations, no numbers, no timing chips, no nada but a bunch of people who want to shake off the holiday blahs and get their rears in gear for the upcoming year.)  For those who haven’t heard of “Fat Ass” races — this is how they always are. There will be several across the U.S. likely going on the the same time that I’m running mine.

Last year, this race was my first attempt at the ultra distance. I didn’t quite make it. My legs felt fine, my head was in the right place, but my GI system had other ideas. I had to drop out at 23.33 miles – after just a hair over 7 hours of running (that included the many breaks to take in food and drink and the half hour break at the midpoint for some soup a kind friend had brought to us frozen runners.)

Though I did go on to sign up for an “official” 50k in April and finished that one — I came in last place when my stomach acted up again throughout the race. So, if I can actually get this race done – and not end up sick to my stomach during it — that would be a huge milestone for my ultra training!

I’m hoping the weather cooperates and we can stay warm enough out there in the trials. Last year, my buddy finished in around 9 hours and I expect to do something similar this year. That’s a long time to be exposed to the elements, though. If you want to send my pals and I some good weather vibes (and good stomach vibes for me) on Sunday that would be most appreciated. 

Stats: 3.51 miles. 9:57 ave pace. Time: 34:57. 202 ft elevation gain. Felt: Good (but COLD!)

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