Goals for 2011

1 mile faster than 6:50 (current PR)

2 miles faster than 14:48 (current PR)

1st 5k race in 15+ years (Gunning for 23:59 or better results)

10k time of 49:59 (current PR 52:26)

flat half marathon time of 1:49:59 (current PR 1:53:05)

Robie Creek (8 miles up) half time of 1:59:59 (current course PR of 2:20)

Zeitgeist Half (very hilly) in better than 1:57:33 (previous PR on course)

Run a spring and fall marathon (#’s 4 and 5!) and aim to break 4 hours by the fall! (current marathon PR 4:20:59)

Run 50k and come in better than last place (Orcas Island 50k in Feb 5th and Fat A** 50K on Jan 2nd.)

Beat 8k time of 39:51 in September (earned 3rd place female overall in 2010 – aim for 2nd place female in 2011)

Complete first 50 mile race

Beat current record of 162.54 miles in a month

Beat current record of 58 miles in a week

Run 2011 miles in 2011

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