To Star And Back – a Spontaneous Training Half Mararthon

The family and I spent the day hanging out together, then exchanging gifts that were duplicates or the wrong size then hit the great half off Christmas sales at Wal Mart. We bought some great decorations for next year for really cheap, got wrapping paper, Christmas cards and even hit the huge half off toy section to buy 3 birthday gifts for our 3 youngest children who all have birthdays around springtime. Yay for good deals.

Driving home, I could not believe how sunny and warm it was out! It felt like Spring! My very understanding husband let me immediately change clothes and head off on a “just-for-fun” half marathon before dark! I wore SHORTS and a short sleeved tech shirt today and by the halfway point, I was so hot and sweaty I thought I was overdressed!

That all changed rapidly within about ten minutes of turning around and heading back in the direction I had come. The sky was darkening, the wind picked up to 20 mph and never let up on me as I plowed headfirst into the gusts heading back home. I was freezing within a mile, but kept my mind busy distracting myself by reading license plates as cars passed me.

It really was a beautiful day for a run, though. I saw two fisherman in the river as I crossed the bridge. They were waist-high in the water, looking content and happy. I ran by two dairy farms (phew!), pastures filled with goats and sheep and horses and lots of empty fields. It was spectacular to enjoy a run in shorts — even if the fun part only lasted for the first 6.5 miles. 

Stats: 13.12 miles. 10:16 ave pace. 2:14 – total time. 655 feet elevation gain. WINDY!!!

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