Blizzard Marathon Around the Lake

Too tired and barely thawed out to recap today. Ran my husband’s marathon course, accidentally took a wrong road that shorted us a tad bit. I wanted to try to finish,but since I couldn’t stop my teeth from chattering or feel my fingers at all and the snow was coming down hard and fast — my loving husband encouraged me to just call it “good enough for now.”
Freezing cold, so much slush that my feet were pruned when I took my shoes off. When I weighed them – they were 2 lbs all by themselves. My clothing was sopping wet too. Super slow going out there today,but truly enjoyed experiencing it with my two sweetest friends: Bertha and Billie. Billie was just incredible out there, finishing the course (and taking the longer route) in 4:30! Way to go, Speedy Girl!
Felt incredibly blessed to have my husband, Wayne, who crewed for us and looked after my five kids and Bertha’s youngest son (it was like a playdate on wheels!) Bertha’s husband showed up at mile 16 and brought warm coffee and helped crew the rest of the way — helping to keep the traffic from running us over on this crazy, snowy, windy, freezing, foggy evening. Somewhere around mile 20 he presented us with chicken broth! It was heavenly!!!! Thank you Joel!! And, thank you Wayne and kids! You are all so awesome to put up with us crazy running ladies. 

Stats: 25.81 miles. Time: 5:28. Felt: FREEZING COLD – hyperventilated and chattered the whole way home. Brrrrrrr. Maybe the craziest run I’ve ever done. ha!

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