Neighborhood Drag

I fell asleep during class today. That’s really bad when you’re the teacher. Thankfully, my children are my students and they love me even when I’m having “one of those sleepy-headed days.” I’m not sure if it’s the winter weather, which has been surprisingly mild the last couple of days or if it’s a combination of eating too many goodies and not enough nutritious foods and my deep interest in late night games of online Scrabble or my inability to put down the book Once a Runner at night, that I checked out at the library this week. I’m thinking it’s a potpourri – a nice mixture of many of those reasons, but whatever the cause — I’m feeling really unmotivated lately.

That little voice in my head says, “I don’t wanna” when I’m lacing up my shoes or laying down my yoga mat. It’s a real effort to keep active for me this time of year.

Tonight, I laced up the shoes in the hopes it would help me snap out of this sluggish funk. The icy wind should have shocked me awake, but it only made me want to turn back around and go back into the warm house. My legs felt heavy, my body weighed down as though someone had placed a 20 lb sack of those famous Idaho potatoes on my shoulders before sending me out on the foot-dragging run.

But, I did it. I at least got in 3 miles.

This weekend I have big plans again. My husband is planning to create a marathon in the spring around a beautiful lake we have in our town. I ran the whole perimeter earlier this year while training for my first official 50k. That’s when the wheels in my husband’s head started turning.

So, this Sunday, my two closest running pals and I are “testing out the course” again — intending to do the entire 26.2 distance despite the fact that the forecast is calling for rain and snow. It should be an event. My husband and five kids will crew for us (and are promising donuts to be one of the options at our traveling “aid station.”) I may be worn down — but I can always run for donuts. 

Stats: 3.01 miles. Ave pace: 10:04. Time: 30:20. Felt: Tired

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