Danskin Mini Ball Core DVD

My hamstrings are so tight, so I still have to do mostly beginner poses on this yoga/pilates dvd, but I really enjoy it. Using the mini ball gives the moves an extra challenge that I like.

54 minutes

Boy Pushup Challenge
Morning Boy-style pushups
5 sets of 10 with 30 second breaks in between sets.

Will do round 2 (5 sets of 10) this evening before bed.

My 5 year old has been working on her wall sit today and is up to 49 seconds. 

My 8 year old was determined to beat my old record of 3:30 for the wall sit and just did it in 4:01 before collapsing to the floor! Way to go, Josh!!! He said his new goal is 5 minutes today and being without any bravado at all he declared, “I’m getting good at this. I’ll bet I can hold it for an hour if I keep working on it.” ha ha. I love the self-esteem of 8 year olds!

My 10 year old has already knocked out his 100 pushups for the morning (last set was 36 in a row – he was determined to beat my 35 in a row from yesterday.)  Way to go, Jr!

My 11 year old decided to work on both jump roping and hula hooping – switching between the two activities each time she exercises. Go Becca!

I’m thinking a stopwatch might be a good stocking stuffer for these kiddos of mine this Christmas.

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